Thai Yoga Massage practice began 2,500 years ago in the temples of Thailand. This dynamic bodywork therapy is based upon the integration of yoga and Ayurveda practices. Unlike the traditional western massages that are performed on a table, the Thai Yoga Massages are performed on a mat that lies on the floor. Thai Yoga Massage focuses on the whole person to create an entire body healing treatment, instead of focusing on specific areas such as Swedish or deep tissue massages do. Thai Yoga Massage is done with the client fully clothed, in comfortable clothing, to allow for ease of movement and typically does not use lotions or oils. In Thai Yoga Massage the therapist uses palming and thumbing techniques along the body’s energy lines and pressure points to balance the body energetically, increase circulation, boost the immune system, and relieve muscle tension. 

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

  There is no specific routine for a Thai Yoga Massage, as it is taylored uniquely for each individual. It is a mixture of aromatherapy, music, dance, meditation, stretching, acupressure, trigger point and deep tissue work. TYM uses a rocking motion to help calm the body and provide a deeper relaxation. 

Four Divine States of Mind (Flavors of Love)
           Where we feel "at Home"
  Metta- Loving Kindness -the Love that cares
  Karuna- Compassion- the Love that responds
  Mudita- Sympathetic Joy- the Love that appreciates
  Upekkha- Equanimity-  the Love that allows